Porritt School Edible Garden Project

This was a fantastic project to be involved with. The school and special fundraising committee raised the money to establish an edible garden for the students and families of the school. Students will learn the importance of growing, harvesting and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
I provided the garden design for free as part of our community sponsorship program. Kids Can Charity donated over 20 fruit trees with compost and stakes.

We put in raised beds for the kids to grow crops of vegetables and installed gardens with lots of fruiting berries and plants. Bearing in mind that most need to fruit during the school year. We sprayed off the grass to put down limesand paths to cut down on maintenance and it is an ideal affordable option. Being Tamatea the soil was very sandy so we added lots of compost to improve water retention and increase soil fertility. All plants were also planted with Novatec a combination slow and fast release fertiliser.

The kids were very excited to see the completed garden and will be enjoying crops of yummy fruits very soon!

Tamatea Drive

This new build on Tamatea Drive needed a lot of soil prep to overcome the compacted building site. A mixture of structural conifers along the fence line and flowering shrubs will provide interest all year around. A comprehensive irrigation system also improves growing conditions.

Te Awa Garden

This garden in Te Awa had a well established hedge, but lack any interest. The grass strip along the house struggled with lack of water and poor soil so we decided to put into a pathway from entertainment area to back garden. The issues with poor soil this area has also meant that if we wanted this garden to succeed and thrive we need to raise the beds and add some good quality compost and topsoil. We rotary hoed current soil and dug through a good measure of compost before raising the level with Macrocarpa railway sleepers. As this area doesn’t suffer from winter frosts we added a tropical feel with Bromiliads and some bold flowering dwarf Tibochinas.

Clive Square

A friend of my is the gardener at Clive Square gardens and wanted to do something with this corner that incorporated more interesting & scented scrubs. So we collaborated on a design she could put to the powers that be. Once it was approved she set to work and the garden is now much more appealing to both see and smell.