Planting Garlic

Garlic is one of the easiest veges to grow and does you and the garden lots of good. Home grown garlic has such better flavour and because it’s fresh will contain the maximum a20160611_134742mount of goodies. It’s also said to deter some insects because of it’s aroma so plant around roses etc to keep pesky aphids at bay.

Soil prep is the key to good garlic. Dig over the soil and add compost, blood & bone, sheep pellets or whatever else you can get your hands on (bit of chicken poo also ended up in there).You can pick up packs of garlic in garden centers now.

Did a trench around 15cm deep with trenches 30cm apart. (Too shallow and the bulbs will fall over and uproot themselves as foliage grows)

20160611_135134Break the cloves apart into individual cloves (do not do this before hand as cloves start growing when they are separated)

Plant with pointy end facing up (if you get confused just plant on their sides, most bulbs are clever and will turn themselves to the right direction.)

Plant approx 15cm apart. Cover and firm down the soil.garlic

Bulbs will start to sprout over next few weeks. Keep well watered while growing and fertilise with a high nitrogen fertiliser once a month.

Harvesting is done around the longest day in December. In the last few weeks cut back the watering. This gives the bulbs time to cure and develop more flavour.

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